About the Zine

About Storied Stitches

Storied Stitches is a knitting zine about the empowering and radical nature of knitting started by two best friends, Valentina and Caroline.

The idea for Storied Stitches came to us because we realized that there weren’t enough publications where young amateur knitters like us can exchange ideas in one concise printed collection. Knitting thrives all across the internet, from Ravelry to Tumblr to Pinterest and Instagram and beyond. This zine reflects that vibrant community, sources directly from it, and exists in conversation with it. This our chance to define what knitting is for us. We want a knitting magazine that is not focused on advertisements of products that are merely the raw materials, but rather where the magic truly happens: in the hands of individual knitters.

Knitting has the capacity to be accessible, creative, and independent; together we are creating new literature that highlights exactly that. Storied Stitches is a people-powered, noncommercial, DIY publication where we celebrate our creations. This zine is about us, the people who knit, united through our self-expressions and our creativity.

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